Learner Certainty Assessments (LCA) Development

Characteristics Application Development
  • Learner Certainty Assessments (LCA) and corresponding reporting site
  • Learners are asked to reflect upon what they know and don't know about the course content
  • Administrators are able to create reports on learners' scores and level of certainty
For admin and learners alike, LCA reporting data provides key (and otherwise overlooked) information that assists in gauging the learner's needs, encouraging self-direction, monitoring progress and checking for understanding Estimate: $20,000 - $35,000 depending on complexity of training program and reporting elements

* Seat time is a measure of the amount of time a learner spends engaged with the learning in any setting. In classroom training, it correlates to hours of class time; in online training, it is a measure of the amount of time the learner engages with the developed training program.

+ Narration and audio can be created in-house at Michaels & Associates for the estimate indicated. Requirements for professional voice talent are priced separately.

Note: Michaels & Associates presents all estimates and recommendations for the convenience and information purposes of our clients. Client companies are responsible for their own decisions and implementations, including those affecting profitability.