Self-study, Paper-based Tutorial

Characteristics Application Development
  • Single to multi-page document that supports classroom training or online training
  • Includes template design and research, and assumes MSWord or some simple tool
  • Well-suited for remote workers such as in field sales training
  • Effective when used in conjunction with live instruction or management involvement
  • Students learn at the individual's pace
  • Provide immediate training to learners prior to attending classroom or online training
  • Provide consistency because all learners experience the same training
  • Estimate: $2,000 - $6,000 per hour seat time,* depending upon complexity
  • Does not include cost of materials print production

* Seat time is a measure of the amount of time a learner spends engaged with the learning in any setting. In classroom training, it correlates to hours of class time; in online training, it is a measure of the amount of time the learner engages with the developed training program.

Note: Michaels & Associates presents all estimates and recommendations for the convenience and information purposes of our clients. Client companies are responsible for their own decisions and implementations, including those affecting profitability.