Job Aid/Courseware Reinforcement Aid

Characteristics Application Development
  • Single to multi-page document that supports employees’ job tasks
  • Single to multi-page document that supports classroom training or online training
  • Requires no time away from the job
  • May be delivered as wallet sized cards, mouse pads, binder-held matrices, etc.
  • Offer just-in-time learning: look up just the information needed, when it is needed
  • Reinforce learning and support courseware after training
  • Estimate: $200 - $1,200 per page, depending upon complexity or delivery medium (wallet cards, mouse pads, etc.)
  • Does not include cost of materials print production

Note: Michaels & Associates presents all estimates and recommendations for the convenience and information purposes of our clients. Client companies are responsible for their own decisions and implementations, including those affecting profitability.