Automotive Manufacturer's e-Learning Course

I love working with Michaels & Associates because they have a ‘can-do’ attitude and are always happy to offer the best solution they can think of.

— Creative Director

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An industry-leading automotive training company looked to expand their offerings by partnering with Michaels & Associates to provide blended learning to their client, the U.S. corporate headquarters for a Fortune 100 automotive manufacturer. Michaels & Associates was enlisted to help create an effective training solution to increase adoption rates of the new CRM program.


  • The value of a new CRM software system is not perceived and therefore not used by dealerships
  • Those who are using the system are not using it effectively


  • Determine the best methods to address the low usage and educate users on the system
  • Devise a blended learning program comprised of videos, software simulation, user guide and marketing campaign
  • Train dealership employees on the system using an engaging 45-minute e-learning course
  • Motivate learners to use the system with an effective incentive


  • The blended training is promoted with use of a corporate marketing video and an updated user guide
  • Dealers complete training and take advantage of incentive, helping them grow their business
  • 92% of dealerships enter 100% of customer leads into the software
  • Proper usage of the CRM tool increases customer satisfaction and demonstrates 31% higher sales conversions rate

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