Consultation for a Health Benefits Organization

The impact on the department is beyond our expectations.

— Process Manager

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A major health benefits organization that employs more than 6,000 people faced a challenge: the new hire program did not effectively meet the increasing business demand for a) competent employees with b) minimal down time. Facing the daunting task of condensing the curricula without sacrificing employee competence, Training’s senior management asked Michaels & Associates for assistance.


  • Redesign new hire curricula to get competent, productive employees on the job quicker
  • Evaluate a six-month new hire training program with a fresh perspective
  • Overcome a culture of departmental silos and a perception that only insiders could do the job correctly


  • Perform a thorough assessment to evaluate the current training program and business processes that affect the existing curricula
  • Make clear recommendations for improved curricula, with detailed evidence of findings


  • Ability to address factors for success based on sound research and findings
  • Ability to begin restructuring the Training department to make significant improvements in trainers’ working conditions
  • Better understanding within the organization of the challenges of training, with insight on how departmental processes can impact training

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