Pegasus Solutions: RVNG Online Sales Training and Demo

You have provided us with a world-class visually rich message for both internal teams and external customers, and an instructionally sound message as well!

— Senior Instructional Designer

Training images

Pegasus Solutions, the largest processor of electronic hotel transactions worldwide, desired an online demo of one of their software systems that had recently received updates to meet and exceed current market expectations. The demo needed to show off the latest and best features of the software system and to demonstrate its ease of use to internal sales teams and potential customers.


  • Create a 30-minute online demo comprised of three modules on Pegasus’ recently updated RVNG software system
  • Design training demo to support the needs of both internal sales teams and potential customers, providing better value for the investment
  • Develop content focused on the components of RVNG that add value to Pegasus customers and allow hoteliers to differentiate themselves from their competitors


  • Incorporate strong instructionally sound techniques that meet business objectives
  • Divide the demo’s three modules into two parts to meet the needs of both audiences:
    • First half covering a high-level overview targeted toward customers
    • Second half allowing sales associates (or interested customers) to dig deeper for more information on the selected RVNG module
  • Deliver demo in a format that easily integrates with their intranet delivery system


  • Within 6 weeks, 100% of sales team and new hires had taken the training and everyone was speaking as one voice from a standardized message
  • Within 10 weeks, the sales teams were proficient enough to repurpose training as an interactive demo session with potential new customers
  • Customers, with approved access, are able to view it as a refresher and Pegasus can track “hits” on which regional customers and sales teams are using the demo