Pegasus Solutions: Lanyon Software E-Learning Refresher Demo

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— Senior Instructional Designer

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The training staff at Pegasus Solutions, the largest processor of electronic hotel transactions worldwide, was required to retrain over 3,000 hoteliers on the same software each summer. Since the software platform was fairly stable from year to year, Pegasus determined it was better for the refresher training to be delivered via e-learning. The self-paced format would allow their small training staff to focus efforts elsewhere.


  • Create an online demo to lighten workload and improve performance of a small training staff with a worldwide company learner base
  • Provide just-in-time training on a software system that is infrequently used, to hotel properties who have employees with busy schedules and high turnover rates
  • Design a program to support the needs of three other Pegasus departments
  • Ensure the course is widely accepted across the organization, since department training initiatives are typically budgeted and developed separately


  • Perform an effective task analysis to ensure training is job-task focused
  • Design an interactive 20-minute software demo to quickly bring hoteliers up to speed
  • Deliver demo in a format that easily integrates with their intranet delivery system


  • Standardized training that, for the first time in the company’s history, went “viral” across the organization as a multi-purpose tool, providing better value for the investment
  • A viable refresher training program also repurposed for new hire training in Pegasus customer support departments
  • A 10-15% reduction in customer calls to the help desk and internal departments that are well equipped to answer specific customer questions